Tuesday, June 28, 2011

All of all in KL Marathon 2011: Volunteers' experiences

At last I got my lazy butt to update a finishing post about the event KL Marathon.. as title says, volunteers' experience. yes.. not runners! =D For the registrations day during weekdays, we didn't get many customers though, expected that the runners were working.. o_O

The pic below shows how the queuing line was TOTALLY empty ~

But it changed during the last day of the registration which was Saturday.

Anyhow, the event day!
We volunteers had to sign in at 10pm before the actual event day, and it went on till the marathon. So you get the idea that we didn't get to sleep at all! :O Here's how the signing session for the volunteers went,

Got long queue lining up~
but for my category got so few people .. o_O luck much?

Sorry for the bad shot, I took it from my nokia c5, planning to buy new one with HD camera, got suggestions?

Well from this angle, there weren't that many people as you see from previous pic :P

And we got grouped by categories and got the volunteers' ID card, without the card we wouldn't get salary!

We got to watch movie together, Little Fockers before the briefing started at 12am and we started to be divided to different roads at 2 am.

I got my ID card stated A6-02, so we got almost near to the starting line. The runners were still in full stamina lol. Few runners even took pictures with me as they passed by, and those were all candid! Hope they won't post to their blogs.. like I do =D

Here are some shots where I got dropped

You can see the tiny little sign (click the picture for larger view) says 'KTM Berhad' which still Idk where it was :O Just say.. it's near Dataran Merdeka?

In the picture below, you can see the 1km sign, for the runners :D

I got paired up with a guy named Max. So we were couple for the night! That sounded weird eh? The people who were passing by ALL looked at us like, 'whatta you couple doing here in the middle of city at 2 am??'. And yeah, got many rempit-guys were wooo-ing at us, it was real annoying.

The first 30mins were spent in front of the KTM, and it was really uncomfortable! There got many cockroaches and they were huge!

And my partner Max turned out more scared of the cockroaches than I do..
Then we got moved a lil towards the corner of traffic lights.

And got polices gathered around us, so we actually felt safer!

*updated* broke promise to post a following post bout this. it's not homework anyway~
im so not dedicated to my blog, gomen ne?~

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