Monday, October 27, 2008

Another worse day

So bored. Imma talk about what happened today. I got up at 2 pm. Still sleepy though and just laying on my bed for another hour. Listening the crowdness downstairs from my sister’s bedroom. Yeah, I slept in my sissy’s room. She’s in other state working as a teacher and gonna back home I guess next month for her upcoming wedding day.

Back to the story, actually today we’re having open house. Everyone was busy cleaning and preparing the food. They got up at 6 am I supposed. Mopping the floor cleaning what-so-ever they can. Oh.. girls. That’s their job anyway. Plus, the purpose of having open house today because of my elder sister said so. She invites her friends and, her boyfriend. She introduced for the first time her boyfriend to my family. Unluckily my dad wasn’t here. I had no idea where he was. He always like that. He won’t even be at home 3 days straight. Never! I hate him. Gah.

Whatever, yeah. Everyone was busy. Me just sleeping. Although people started fulling my house, I was still on my bed. My eyes were still closed. Blanket still covering me though it was damn hot! I think it was 4 pm I started to get up. Walking to bathroom to take a shower. I couldn’t stay still hearing my kitties meowing, crying for my help, I guess. The kids who came to my house keep holding them and aargh, ionno what they were doing to my kitties. The thing is, I hate strangers holding my cats without mah permission. Very prohibited. lol

Sorry, where was I? Oh yeah, walking to the bathroom with my oily face, messy hair, odored smelly body. The fact is, I bath once a day, everyday. I’m so lazy to take a bath. It’s damn cold. Haha. No it’s not. It’s just me being a lazy girl. So after finished bathing, I chose what to wear today. My pants…. meh, imma wear yesterday’s. My t-shirt, searching under the whole pile of unfolded clothes in the wardrobe. Yeah, found one. Blue color with stripes on it.

With the hungriness I felt. I hold it. It was just that I hate meeting people. ‘Full of mouths’. They just gonna say everything they say. The time I’ve finished bathing, there was my aunt’s family there. They came on purpose after knowing that my sister’s boyfriends gonna come. What a busybody. And, they’re the one who’ll tell whole of our relatives about that. “Oh, you knew that her boyfriend came? Very handsome… bla bla bla.. ” what-so-ever.

So, I just went to my another sister’s room and opened the computer, got online. Opened the regular sites I’ve been sticking with for months. Yeah, when I’m addicted to something, I’ll stick to it for a long time. But the windows were opened and a bunch of kids were outside torturing my cats. Actually it’s not that ‘torturing’. They were just holding my kitties saying, “Oh so cute, so fluffy!”. But I hate it, so much. Oh well, kept on doing my things, ignoring the stupid kids.

After an hour or so, I heard nothing, just silent. So I guess those people have gone. And I went downstairs. But no. There was a couple there. One holding a plate eating satay, our local food. And one just gazing at him. She’s my sister by the way, and her boyfriend. For the first time I saw the real him in front of me. Before this, I just saw his face through my sister’s phone, peeking ‘illegally’ at his photos. Hmm, he was quite tall. Good looking. And blah. Why should I care of. Me, myself still hasn’t have the Mr. X . Still young ;p nah, I’m not interested actually with this coupling butterfly thingy.

I took about 10 satays and ate in front of tv, ignoring the lovely couple, watching Hannah Montana on Disney Channel. Yeah, I won’t lie. I like watching kids programs. I’m proud to be one of the Pokemon fans. haha. Thank God, I’ve fulled my stomach after hours holding the hungriness. Oh well, it give me benefits too. My stomach became a little flat than it was. I had a bad habit. Whenever I eat, I’ll sleep instantly after that. It feels ‘gewd’. No wonder my stomach is big and round like a balloon stucks under my shirt.

Hmm, so that’s it I guess. Imma check my emails or chatting. My email has nothing but full of spams though. In just a few days, I’ll got like hundreds of spammed emails. What sites did I went? Hmmm. Oh well, Imma go chatting ftw! I’ve been friend with a husband and a wife from Indonesia. And it’s fun talkin with them. They already got two children. The oldest is already 6 years old. :)

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