Thursday, December 31, 2009

What's new after months not blogging?

There are lots of events, incidents and new experiences I had in the past months. And now, after looking back at my blog, I feel like it's such a waste not to blog every single moment that I got through. I always read my old posts. Yes I do and I laugh at my own work. It is fun to recall and imagine back the funny, happy, sad moments as I read the posts.

It has been fine month after I moved to the main campus. Still, I don't really get new friends.. well, some I think.. I mean one or three...wait.. under 10 ? Oh well. I'm so slow in mingling with the new people, new environment and I need time to get used to the new places. Not like some people, they've got lots of friends after just days being with a bunch of 'strangers' around them, at least, that's what I call to the people I dont really know. I find it fake..or awkward to talk with people we're not used to be with. In most conversations, I tend to be the 'talker' not the 'listener' and I hate to talk! I'm always out of ideas and it'll be the time that I come out with stupid jokes, telling my stupid secrets and bout my past. And I'll always regret after that for telling the stuffs to them -__-

Actually, I don't really want to know about their lives, where they live, how many their siblings..? etc what-so-ever the same questions people used to ask when meeting people. And I don't even want to know their names!! So what? It's me. Haha. No wonder Im so ignorant. Plus I only meet the same faces everyday, sit with same people, eat with the same friends, back walking with the same GEEKY friends. No offense but, I think all my friends are geek. XD From high school till now. But they're the one who always make me laugh, they're the one who accompany me when I'm lonely and they're the one who always make me like wanting to SHOUT hella out there!! They're the one. :)

In these few days, I find myself a little bit more sentimental than the normal me. Maybe because I'm not happy. Yes.. I'm not happy. I'm not happy with everything that I got. Although the others always find me smiling, joking around but deep here, I'm not happy.. OMG, even in my own blog I find it hard to express my sad feelings... that's why I always tell the silly things, etc

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