Friday, September 24, 2010

Mom! Pleeeease I don't want to live in hostel T.+

Last semester, I begged not to live in hostel, and here I am, still in hostel. How cool is that! I begged too in this sem, she said I'd be in front of lappy if she approves. I just wanna strike to show how much I don't like it here. Plus, distance between my class and home isn't so far away. Even wanna go nearby Carrefour is more far! Next semester I'm sooooo gonna beg my dad x[

Oh mom oh mom! I don't like it here.... >.>

I have to hold my pee every night coz the toilet is wayyy at the end of block, and soo creepy.
--> at home, my toilet is in my bedroom. My very own toilet! (except the parts when my sis broke the mirror in my toilet and an aunt broke the head of shower and my cousin broke the toilet door T.T)
Here, even the makcik2 clean the toilet EVERY morning still BAUUUUUUU!~~ How the students pee that it can smell so damn sharp?? @@

No peace here!
My head keeps thinking "How much my breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper will cost..?" "How much will the balance for today..?" "Will my coins enough to pay the washing machine..?" "Will I be able to wake up by my own tomorrow?" lagi.... so many ar.. x.x

Even there are compartments for each students in one room, still got no privacy. Even next roomate farts so slow also can hear HAHAHA. I mean it! While the compartments just divided by our lockers~ no door no lock~ So while wearing a bra be sure you're facing to the wall~ (in case your friend suddenly ambushes to your compartment la) nuff said :x

Though got internet here, but soooo damn slow meh! Prefer got no internet at all! hahah no no i take back my words :p Plus my uni's wifi blocks online game! soooooooo kanasai. Buy me broadband dad x[ He did though but my bro took it waaaaaaa~

I don't like it when people watch what I do on my lappy. Plus they look with full of enthusiasm wth. And I often ended up with letting them use my lappy coz they looked like as if they are so desperate. O_o But also here got aloooot mooovies that we can tukar2 together2 HAHAHA so nice

I feel so weird why people always wanna be accompanied while they're eating. If to go toilet at 2-4 am that can be accepted la. But this ... hmm. And when I do eat alone (I usually do though), my friends will ask, "Oh why you're alone? So kesian...". What the heckkk. I mean really -.- so annoying I LIKE BEING ALONE WHILE EATING so what's wrong with that??

I wanna home mom.. :[


  1. I'm living in hostel, but looks like your hostel condition is far worse than mine. Perhaps you have to talk to your mum. XD

  2. Isn't hostel life fun? Heh. Well, hang in there and you will be just fine :D

  3. Cute blog - hang tight in reference to this post (good luck), I am a follower now also.

    Mr Monkey