Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Weird, Sick, Lazy, Psycho People

The title is the summed up of the people I met yesterday:

Person 1: Weird, Scary People
It was Monday morning that I went back to hostel at early as 6.45 am. As usual I thought no one would get up at that time. Suddenly after passed through the gate, I realized someone's watching me, with sharp gaze. I felt sudden goosebumps all around my body, coz it was unusual someone would stand still in a place and just gazed as I pass through. There was no one except her and I. So freaky bah~ As I was passing by her suddenly, "The gate is opened already ar?" she asked. O.O You saw me passing the gate from the time I got off car and you still asked the question. baka I just answered that silly question with 'uh huh'. Then she replied, "Ooo, sorry". Sorry for taking my time asking the silly question or sorry for freakin me out that I was about to angkat my kain to run coz I thought you were a ghost?? :O

Person 2: Unreasonable, Irresponsible, Selfish People
I was at library to read free newspapers. There were English, Chinese, Malay newspapers and all in one pile. I just took one newspaper and sat down not far away from that pile coz I wanna go back there after reading this one and take the next one. Then I saw several students took 1-3 newspapers at once and put on their laps. In no time, the piled newspapers gone. So selfish uh that they just think about themselves and not other people that they shouldn't take all newspapers at once. Not like they're in rush or what. I mean for sake of other people who wanna read also leh..

Person 3: Lazy, Annoying People
I was late in class that I missed the passing attendance sheet. So I just looked the sheet passed by until to the last person then I asked the person who sat next to me to pass message to the person sat next to her and so on to get the attendance sheet to me. But, the 2-next people from me said, 'There's no attendance sheet~'. Wtf, I saw by my eyes the sheet was getting passed by all along until last person! So, I get my mind to think positive way that maybe I mislook and the lecturer forgot to give attendance sheet. But at the end of class I saw the very person that I confidently said before that she had the attendance sheet, gave the sheet to my lecturer. And I missed to mark my attendance of that day, because of the lazy person to pass message! -.- It's not so hard to pass message not that you have to shout from the end of class to the very on front seat. so mad grr.

Person 4: Kind People
It was raining buckets by the time I wanted back to hostel. Luckily I had umbrella ready in my bag all time. But there were people who didn't bring umbrella and covered their heads with textbooks or files. So I offered my umbrella though they refused. And at the end they were thankful to me. Obviously in this part, the kind is me :D kekeke

Person 5: Easy-to-freaked-out People
Yea I offered my umbrella, and we had to get through some deep puddles of muddy water, and as we were getting near to hostel gate, I said to the person I offered my umbrella, "Make sure to check your legs if there are any pacat (leech)". Apparently the girl just heard the word 'pacat' and freaked out that I would lost my sense of hearing as she shouted! x.x Then she said sorry after she calmed down and said, "I'm very easy to freak out when I heard that pacat word." So bad timing and person I met there lol


  1. i think it's quite fun to bump into different types of people.. but i dont fancy meeting weird and scary people =P